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Whether you’re launching a new product, deciding on a new strategy or embarking on a new project, there’s always that initial moment where you pause to think, “Okay, so how do we go about this ?” … That’s where our Melbourne and Yarra Valley based business management consultants can help with innovative and smart business coaching. We have a highly qualified and experienced team, each of whom takes pride in bringing success to business through targeted solutions and advice.

How we are different to other business management consulting firms

Here at LX&R Alliance, we are committed to curating a team of passionate and dedicated consultants. Our philosophies lie in providing a fresh approach to business management consulting services, helping our clients to soar to success by finding new and innovative ways to disrupt the market and solidify their presence. We deliver to a variety of clients and industries, drawing on our range of skillsets and knowledge to provide a top-quality service.

As a highly-qualified, delivery focused management consultancy company in Melbourne and the Yarra Valley, we don’t believe in sticking to stale old strategies; instead, we like to explore new and profitable avenues that we know will enable our clients to power ahead and truly reap the rewards.

About Us

We’re a forward-thinking business management consulting firm in Melbourne, collectively responsible for the successful launch of high profile projects across Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Find out a bit more about us and our values.

Our Services

We specialise in strategic planning, project delivery, business change and product commercialisation. Find out why we’re a little different from the others.


Banking and finance, e-commerce, medical practices and trade businesses - these are just some of the areas where our specialist skills lie. Find out more about our expertise in your industry.


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Find out more about how our consulting services can help you today

For further information about how our services are right for your business, contact our team of consultants today. We will be happy to discuss your management consulting requirements and devise the ideal, tailored solution for you. We take pride in helping businesses build success and place client satisfaction at the heart of everything we do. Call us on (03) 9010 5691 and our team can answer any questions and queries you may have. Alternatively, leave your details in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Your choice of small business consultants in Melbourne

We know what it’s like: many small business owners have big ideas, but don’t have the means or the confidence to turn them into reality. It can be difficult to find a consulting firm that really cares about your needs and knows how to pinpoint areas in your industry that you can capitalise on and turn into healthy revenue streams.

Our firm is renowned for our uber-slick team of small business consultants helping Melbourne clients every day to realise their dreams and shape a fruitful future for themselves. We match you up with the right consultant to suit your needs and industry, ensuring a highly tailored service that not only works with your ideas, but also provides inspiration and incentive to reach your goals.