Helping you support further growth

In business, growth can very often be a double-edged sword. An increase in sales is on one hand a welcome boost to your bottom line, but too much of an increase can end up crippling your staff and your internal organisation.

At LX&R, we make certain that doesn’t happen with intelligent business change consulting for your teams in Melbourne and all over the country. Instead of adding to inefficiency by bringing in more bodies, we help you plan for change. As experienced change management consultants, we can introduce the appropriate training, documentation and communication to support that change – and then ensure that change is adopted across the board, from the top down.


At a glance

Our business change consultants help you:

  • improve scalability while reducing risk by introducing efficiencies that enable you to adopt more sales – not buckle under increased volumes
  • reduce costs by looking for areas of synergy across your organisation and consolidating efforts
  • achieve targets by identifying what needs to be done to meet set targets and introducing the appropriate training and documentation
  • secure buy-in from senior management and staff alike by communicating benefits internally using a spectrum of internal communications


 Our Disciplines

  • Organisational change analysis and planning
  • Organisational change management
  • Business coaching
  • Independent facilitation


Want to find out more?

We’d love the opportunity to talk to you about your business and see where we can help. Why not talk to one of our change management consultants in Melbourne on +61 3 9653 7390 or email us today to arrange a free and confidential discussion.