All industries suffer from constraints and inefficiencies in one form or another. But one of the biggest risks to the success of any initiative or project is limited access to the right expertise. As a result, businesses face delays, missed opportunities, increased costs and very often loss of revenue. The truth is that this is entirely avoidable.

By working with high calibre, specialised industry experts like LX&R, you can access expertise that mirrors your needs. Allowing you to realise your forecasted revenues and cost savings much sooner than you think.

Specifically, this is where we can help:

IconFinance-w2Banking & Finance

The pace of change in banking technology and not to mention the pressure of trying to compete in a global industry – means financial institutions can often be two or three generations behind where their customers expect them to be. With our global expertise and high-calibre consultants, we can reduce your time-to-market for new products and help you deliver more cost effective solutions that meet your clients’ needs here and overseas.


In today’s price competitive market, the pressures on energy companies are greater than ever. With cost conscious households making up nearly half of industry revenue, demand for lower costs and greener energy means growth is slow. The key is to invest now in the right areas. As dedicated strategic planners and advisors, we are able to focus all our time on ensuring that any new investment is a viable proposition now – and five or ten years down the line.


The relentless advance of technology places an extraordinary demand on the telecommunications industry. Keeping pace while managing the day-to-day business is a genuine challenge for most. Free from such restraints, we are able to focus on improving your efficiency and ensuring that change is embraced – so you can stay ahead of the game.

IconResources-wSmall Business

Remaining current for small and growing businesses in today’s market is becoming increasingly problematic due to consumer and competitor pressures. With access to our high calibre consultants, we can help your business remain competitive and realise your revenue opportunity sooner.

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