Together – as an alliance – we can make sure you stay one step ahead of the competition

Working with the LX&R business advisory team based in Melbourne and the Yarra Valley, means you get the best of both worlds: time and resources to focus on day-to-day business and all the skills and expertise you need to plan for future success, bring in change or launch new products. At LX&R, we provide you with the market insight, resources and the expertise that either you don’t have in house, or simply can’t spare right now. Our small business coaching services can help you change your business for the better.

Our services fall into four categories:

IconStrategic-wStrategic Planning

When you’re running a business, it’s easy to lose sight of your goals. That’s why it makes sense to bring in business analysis and planning experts who can assess your position through fresh eyes and focus their efforts on creating a strategy that helps you increase market share and revenue. Read more

IconDelivery-wProject Delivery

The risks of putting a project in the hands of inexperienced business analysis and project management consultants can run into millions. So whether you’re embarking on a project for the first time or introducing a highly complex solution, it pays to have people on your side who have a history of successfully integrating client and business solutions. Read more

IconChange-wBusiness Change

If you’re looking to reduce inefficiencies or increase scalability, you need to plan for change. The real challenge – however – is getting that change adopted internally. To do that, you need to make sure you’ve got the right documents, training and communications in place from the start. Read more

IconProduct-wProduct Commercialisation

When you’re launching a new product or a product variation, successful market adoption is entirely dependent on the strength of your product commercialisation strategy. To ensure your business case is realised, you need the right tools and the right people on board. Read more

Business CoachingBusiness Coaching

For a business to continue to grow successfully and increase awareness, they occasionally require some extra consultancy to ensure they remain relevant and ahead of competitors. With unbridled access to a host expert business coaches, we can help you develop a strategy that keeps your business ahead of the curb. Read more

Want to find out more?

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