The right path to market adoption

Getting a product to market takes an extraordinary amount of planning. There are business cases to write, marketing strategies to put in place and suppliers and manufacturers to line up – not to mention funding. Even if you wanted to do it yourself, commercialisation planning requires skills you often don’t have at your disposal.

Offering product commercialisation services in Melbourne and all over the country, LX&R can take care of all of this for you – so that you can focus on business as usual. By embedding high calibre consultants into your organisation, we make sure you have the right skills and the right in-depth marketplace knowledge to maximise the sales, market share and revenue of your next product or product enhancement.


At a glance

At LX&R, we help you

  • secure market adoption for your products by providing an arsenal of marketing collateral, external communications and sales force training material
  • increase market competitiveness by executing effective marketing and sales campaigns in support of your product and its variations
  • reduce your time to market by identifying the most efficient route to product commercialisation and ensuring that the project is watertight and executed on schedule
  • achieve gross revenue targets with the support of highly qualified, high-output commercialisation specialists


Our Disciplines

  • Commercialisation analysis
  • Commercialisation planning
  • Commercialisation management


Want to find out more?

We’d love the opportunity to talk to you about your business and see where we can help with efficient commercialisation analysis and planning. Why not call our Melbourne office on +61 3 9653 7390 or simply email us today to arrange a free and confidential discussion.